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What we do:

We consult clients (nationwide) on operational efficiency and can deliver operational savings of up to 40% within 30 to 60 days of our first meeting. Our business has developed key relationships that provide the difference for businesses to save hundreds to thousands of dollars annually without risk or out-of-pocket cost.

Our Utility Refund Team, audits utility and telecom invoices for errors and charge discrepancies billed by the utility companies. We have a staff of auditors who have performed audits in 48 states for over 20 years. We obtain refunds for our clients, for any vendor contractual errors and overcharges, while assuring future monthly reductions in utility and telecom expenses. Our audits are performed at no out-of-pocket cost to the client, with no risk or obligation. We perform audits on a national basis to government facilities, non-profit organizations, manufacturing plants, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, public and private industry.

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What can we do for your business?

As professional utility consultants, our mission is to ensure that your utility purchases are at the lowest possible cost. If your goal is to reduce electric utility bills, lower gas utility costs or reduce your water/sewer bills, we can assist you in this effort. We also assist in recovering overpayments. There are constant, rapid changes in the regulation of the various utilities consumed by our clients. The purpose of our Utility Audit Service is to improve the financial position of our clients by working as an advocate for our clients and auditing their utility service providers.

Utility auditing saves you money every month by identifying errors and overcharges by your utility provider, as well as determining lower rates that better match your needs. There is no charge for our service unless we obtain a refund, credit adjustment or lower utility costs, after we verify that you have received the refunds and/or reductions! No hourly nor retainer charges for our services.

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